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Would You Like to Get Your Website Online NOW?

So that you can start using it to build a subscriber list, get clients, sell coaching programs, AND do it without the hurdle of having to write all your own content!

  • If you knew what pages to include and had ready-written content for all the pages you need to make your website work would that help?
  • With done-for-you content, you could have your website up and running within hours rather than weeks or months!

I remember what it feels like to be a newly qualified coach. Knowing you need a website but being overwhelmed at the thought of knowing what pages to include and what to say and how to say it. The thought of writing all the content yourself is daunting.

Not quite knowing what to do or how to do it kept me stuck for months and it’s keeping the coaches I train stuck too, so the Lord led me to create a solution! If creating a website is on your to-do list and you know you need to get started right away but you’re held up because you’re struggling to come up with the content for all the pages you need…

I have a  done for you solution!

Instead of starting with blank pages and having to write your own content, while not knowing what to write or what to include, you can use proven content that I’ve written for you!

Instead of having to write everything from scratch, getting overwhelmed, and spending days and weeks agonizing over what to include and how to word everything, you can simply MODIFY pre-written content that’s been written by somebody who knows EXACTLY what to write and how to write it. ME! Would that help you get your coaching website online quickly?

How would it feel if instead of starting with blank pages you had ready-written pages to get you started? 

That would mean you could have a professional-looking site already stocked with great coaching content, and complete site text—absolutely everything you need to get things going right away.

I’ll provide all the pages and content you need, and you can modify it and add more content to your site one step at a time when you’re ready and able. And because you’ll have great existing content, you’ll find it so much easier to create content of your own because you’ll have something that you know works that you can model.

The pre-written content is yours to do with as you like! You can edit the text to sound like you and suit YOUR coaching business.

Having a site already filled with helpful well-written coaching content will make your website stand out from the crowd. AND it will free you up to focus on what you’re really good at.

You can get your coaching site on the web TODAY!

Your done-for-you content includes:

Wording For All the Essential Coaching Website Pages (You can easily customize the text to suit you)

  • Home Page
  • About me page
  • Contact page
  • Copyright Notice
  • Privacy and terms and conditions

Coaching Articles

  • Do You Run Your Life Or Does It Run You?
  • Clutter Free
  • How To Be Happy
  • How coaching helps
  • Why coaching?

I have also included 40 beautiful inspirational graphics you can use on your web pages, in blog posts, or on social media.

And I even included text for an opt-in page and a free giveaway to help you get started with building a subscriber list straight away! 5 Keys to Rapid Change – you can simply edit it or use it as a model to create your own!

You could use everything as is once you’ve added your name and contact details BUT I strongly recommend that you use the content as a foundation and REWRITE it so that it sounds like you and is UNIQUE to you.

I’ve taken out all the guesswork. Because you will have pre-written coaching text, most of the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is put the content on your site, add a few personal details, and tweak the text to sound like you.

It’s Easy! Instead of starting with blank pages, you can start with content that works and can modify it so that it suits you and your style. You don’t need any graphic or programming skills, you don’t need to be techy to do this!

It’s Affordable. The price is MUCH less than hiring someone to create custom content for you.

Professional. Content created by a Christian coach for coaches. Your package includes expertly-written text and appropriate graphics. Everything you need is included!

I even included 2 tutorials:

 How To Start and Grow Your Subscriber List

You need to know the ins and outs of setting up an auto-responder so that you can grow your business, so I’ve created a coaching guide to help you get started with building a subscriber list of interested people, follow up effectively, start to build your coaching practice and get paid for doing what you love.  This is a step-by-step guide with examples and screenshots.04-small

Optimize Your Website – An online coaching guide that walks you through the steps you need to take to succeed online

Everything you need to consider when designing and planning your website.

“Getting a website up was my big struggle, not knowing how to do this almost brought me to a complete standstill. This is a brilliant idea, something that I can just tweak and change. Thank you.” Linda UK

“Thank you for doing this, what you’re offering is beautiful – the next step for coaches who are stuck. You have provided a way forward, it’s a God idea.” Glenisaah, Canada

I’ve made it easy for you to get started with a fully stocked professional website that works to connect you with potential clients and get started with marketing your coaching practice

  • If you’re ready to stop doing what isn’t working…
  • If you’re ready to get going with your website now…

And if you’re ready to stop agonizing over what to include and how to word everything, then pay attention because this will help you get online IMMEDIATELY.

  • You’ll no longer need to struggle with sitting before a blank page not knowing what to write or what to include when you invest in this done for you coaching website content.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

Online Training

  1. How to choose a good domain name
  2. Optimize Your Website – An online coaching guide that walks you through creating a website that works.
  3. Auto-responder Guide:  The ins and outs of setting up an autoresponder so you can start building a contact list of interested people, build your coaching practice and pave the way for getting paid for doing what you love.
  4. Taking payments with PayPal: A video tutorial walking you through everything you need to be able to do to start taking payments online.
  5. Checklists: step-by-step instructions

Your Price Today:

Just  $99  or  £77

Order Form

YES please! I want ready written coaching website content to help me get my website up and working for me so I can start growing my coaching business and serve the people who are waiting for me to turn up.

  • I understand I will be billed £77 or $99 today and receive immediate access to my coaching website content as described above.
  • I will also receive instant access to bonus content and training videos which I can watch at anytime 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

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