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Keys To Get Unstuck And Unlock Your Breakthrough

  • If you’re frustrated with your lack of progress
  • If you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels
  • If the changes you long to see aren’t happening
  •  If you’ve felt like your breakthrough was just around the corner numerous times, but somehow it never arrived…

You’re not alone. Free breakthrough coachingLike you and many others, I felt that way too for a long time and for good reasons. Life can be tricky, but when you understand how to set yourself up for breakthrough instead of just waiting for a breakthrough to happen, life becomes easier and more satisfying.

If you’d appreciate help with making changes that LAST I’m holding a NO COST online seminar and YOU are invited to join us. I will share the strategies you need to help you get past the roadblocks and make the changes you long to see.

During this free coaching seminar, you will learn:

  • What you need to put in place to set yourself up for breakthrough and get past obstacles that have kept you stuck and held you back
  • What’s holding you back and what to do about itLynne Lee Life Breakthrough Coach and Coach Trainer
  • How to keep going when the going gets tough
  • How to get past disappointment
  • The ONE question you need to ask every day
  • What you need to stop doing
  • How to stay on track
  • and much, MUCH More!

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I will share practical strategies and tools – plus the wisdom to know how to apply them!
If you’re struggling to make changes, then you NEED to join us! 
Monday  4th February 2019 8pm UK, 3pm ET
If the time doesn’t work for you register anyway and I’ll be sure to send you a link to the replay!

Who is Lynne Lee?How To Hear God

Lynne is a Christian Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach Trainer, she has helped thousands of people to discover their calling and walk closer with God.

She is the author of How To Hear God and multiple coaching programs and coaching guides.

Amongst other things, her calling is to train Christians to coach themselves and other people to breakthrough from a Christian perspective and help them to get the word out so they can help more people to breakthrough and live life as God intended.

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