Done-For-You Christian Coaching Articles

When you don’t have time to write,
or don’t know what to write about…

There are months when there just isn’t time to write articles, or you don’t know what to write! But you don’t have to let that interrupt your regular publishing schedule.

A few options for when you are too busy to write your own content:

  • Invite another coach in your field to contribute an article for your newsletter
  • Use pre-written, free content from an online article service such as Just make sure you follow all the guidelines by including the author’s attribution box with the article.
  • Write articles a few months ahead of time. That way when a crunch time comes you will still have material to share.

OR, you can buy the rights to use pre-written coaching articles.
You don’t have to do everything yourself!

What stops most coaches from publishing a regular newsletter is having to write all the articles.

But there is an EASY way for you to have highly targeted pre-written articles that both you and your readers will love—even if you don’t have time, or hate to write, or don’t know where to start!

For a few £, or $, you can have carefully targeted, pre-written articles that you can modify and use as your own.

Articles that are strategically written for YOUR audience, and YOUR niche, by a professional Christian writer who understands coaching and your readers.

You can use these done-for-you articles as your own, as though you had written them. You can use them

  • in your newsletter
  • on your website or blog
  • wherever serves your business

You are free to edit the articles and add your voice and examples…I don’t mind at all!

Imagine…instead of spending HOURS of your valuable time slaving away, trying to write articles from scratch, you can have ALMOST INSTANT ACCESS to professionally written done-for-you Christian Life Coaching Articles ready for you to edit (if you want to) and load into your auto-responder, so that you can get your newsletter out quickly.

But Lynne, shouldn’t I try to write my own articles?

That depends on how easy you find it to write! Think about what it it COSTS YOU to insist on writing ALL your own articles.

What AREN’T you doing when you’re trying to write articles?

You’re not available to work with clients, or sell your coaching programs, or having introductory sessions with potential clients. You’re NOT available to do many things that actually bring in income

If it takes you 5 hours to write just one article, and you need 1 article each month, that’s 60 hours in total in a year. What is your hourly rate?  Let’s say you charge just £45, or $70 an hour for coaching… the cost to you of writing those 12 articles yourself is £540, or $840! And if you send out your newsletter every 2 weeks the cost doubles!

Your readers won’t know that YOU haven’t written every article in your newsletter, and you won’t need to stress about getting every word just right. YOU will be evident in your newsletter in other ways.

What your readers most want from your newsletter and emails are solutions that will help them, and benefit their lives.

Your investment for 12 done-for-you Articles is only £100 or $160

That works out at LESS THAN £8.50 or  $13.50 per article!

That’s a lot of work CLEARED off your plate for a small investment! Think of all the time it would take you to write each of these 12 coaching articles yourself.

You can order today and receive INSTANT ACCESS to 12 done-for-you coaching articles written form a Christian perspective.

If you’re watching your budget, you can choose to have just 6 done-for-you articles for £55, or $88.

If you prefer to have UNIQUE articles written especially for you and your readers…

I can arrange to have 400 word articles written for you. Simply email me your titles, and copies of two of your own articles, so that I can make sure the articles we write for you ‘sound like you’.

The cost to you for this personalized service is s £50 or $80, for ONE article, or £500, or $800 for 12 articles. When we write you a batch of 12 articles, you just pay for 10!

If you would like this personal level of service, Call Me on 07505478319 so that we can talk about your requirements and make arrangements.

Depending on our workload, we will be able to deliver your articles in between 3 and 7 working days.

Please use this number if you’re calling from outside the UK +44 7505478319