Done For You Coaching Programs

Have you ever wondered how I get so much done and produce so many coaching resources?

I do write a lot of my own material but I also invest in quality coaching resources that have ALREADY been created – that saves me money, lots of hassle, and precious time!

Ready-Made Coaching Program in A Box!

You’ll find it much easier to get started with coaching and earning a living when you invest in Ready-to-Go Coaching Programs that you can rebrand, package as YOUR coaching programs and sell to your soon to be clients – earning back your investment over and over and over again!

Discover Your Life Purpose
6 Week Group Life Purpose Coaching Program

Here’s everything that you get in this Done For You Coaching Program Package: Ready-to-Go Coaching Program with 6 Coaching Modules, Coaching Exercises, and PowerPoint Slides!

Brand it to your business, edit it to sound like you, add to it, put your name on it, and use it to set up an entire coaching product funnel!

Module 1: Glean From Your Past

First you guide your clients through an extensive brain dump! This enables them to glean valuable information from their life up until now. (Script: 9 pages | PowerPoint: 14 Slides)

Module 2: Evaluate & Identify Convergences

  • Guide your clients to evaluate their gleanings and identify what they have learned about themselves and their destiny
  • Then help them to add to their gleanings and begin to pick out the most significant insights and categorize them. (Script: 8 pages | PowerPoint: 8 Slides)

Module 3: Unearth Patterns and Themes

More exploration! You identify patterns and themes, identify convergence experiences and draw together what they have learned so far. (Script: 11 pages | PowerPoint: 9 Slides)

Module 4: Time For Some Unpacking

This is where you get down to specifics. What they want to do, how they want to be remembered, and who they want to help. (Script: 11 pages | PowerPoint: 25 Slides)

Module 5: Calling Explored This is where you help your clients to identify what the coaching exercises have revealed about their life purpose so far…then start to identify their calling. (Script: 11 pages | PowerPoint: 19 Slides)

Module 6: Craft A Compelling Life Purpose Statement

This is where you help them to evaluate what God has been showing them and draw everything together to craft a compelling life purpose statement to act as a road map to steer their life by. Are you ready to help your clients live their life on purpose? (Script: 10 pages | PowerPoint: 11  Slides)

AND, You’ll Also Get All These Done For You Tools to Presell Your Coaching Program:

Emails to Promote Both Your Introductory Seminar and the Replay of Your Seminar

Plus, You Get All These Done For You Tools to Help You Host Your Free Seminar and Sell Your Coaching Program:

Ready-to-Go Tools to Host Your Free Introductory Seminar

  • Free Seminar Registration Page Copy
  • Introductory Seminar Script

Discover Your Life Purpose & Recognize Your God-Given Destiny So You Can Start Living Life ON Purpose & Do What You Were Put On Earth To Do! (Script 20-pages) | 22 slides)

This seminar script helps you to communicate that knowing your life purpose will…

  • Give you a good reason to get up in the morning every morning!
  • Help you get out of “the rat race”.
  • Make it much easier to make good decisions.
  • Free you from comparing yourself to others who have a different focus and purpose for their life.
  • Give you the courage and confidence to say “No”
  • Keep you on course and on track

What people discover in this introductory seminar has the potential to transform the way they live their life forever! It prepares them to tap into what God has wired them to do and awaken the “giant” within.

Plus, You Get These Done For You Sales Tools to Help You Sell Your Coaching Program:
  • Start Making Sales with a Done for You Sales Letter to help you Sell Your Coaching Program
  • Plus the opt-in page that helps you to ‘sell’ your free introductory seminar that convincingly ‘sells’ your 6-week coaching program to participants.
  • Plus all the emails I used to encourage people to join the life purpose coaching program

When you download your copy of this entire done-for-you coaching program you get Instant Access to all of the above.

You could offer this program immediately and use the materials as is because you WILL have EVERYTHING you need to deliver a 6-week group coaching program.

However, I recommend you edit the scripts to sound like you, add your own examples, and edit the PowerPoint slides and emails.

I’m sure you will soon notice that I invested a significant amount of time developing these resources and that you will be investing in a coaching program that you can be proud to put your name to.

I hope you can see that by investing in this ready-made coaching program you will save yourself many days and even weeks of product development and have the opportunity of earning many times your investment over and over again.

You won’t have to agonize over reinventing the wheel because you will have access to resources with a proven track record. I have glowing testimonials from when I delivered the program and I’m sure you will have too. You could also use this program as a model for programs that you develop yourself.

What’s included:

  • The script and PowerPoint presentation for the introductory preview call
  • Scripts and PowerPoints for all 6 group coaching sessions
  • The getting started guide and coaching exercises
  • The opt-in page and confirmation page to model
  • The sales page, thank you page and confirmation page to model
  • All the emails for the introductory call follow up and coaching program

You can view the Introductory seminar and coaching program sales page here

Free seminar invitation and opt in
Life purpose discovery sales page

The full fee for each participant in the live program was £150.  Because you have already invested in training with me I am offering you the opportunity buy the rights to use all the resources as though they are your own for a single payment of £350 £237 or $ $440 $300

 Use this button to make ONE payment of £350 £237

ONE payment of £237
Use this button to make ONE payment of $440 $300

ONE payment of $300
Alternatively, if you have a limited budget could make 3 payments of £80 or 3 payments of $100.

Use this button to make 3 monthly payments of £80

3 monthly payments of £80
Use this button to make 3 monthly payments of $100

3 monthly payments of $100
If you gather a group of 5 who are willing to pay just £80 ($100) for a 6 week coaching program, you will easily recoup your investment and make a profit the FIRST time you deliver the coaching program.  And of course, you can charge more, or gather a bigger group, and get an even better return on your investment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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