How To Coach Relationships

Marriage coach training equips you to:

  • Coach married couples who want to improve their relationship
  • Help couples grow together and change what needs changing
  • Coach couples in crisis
  • Coach a wife or husband who wants to improve their marriage, when the spouse isn’t willing to be part of the coaching relationship
  • Effectively help singles to prepare for marriage

“I highly recommend the marriage course to anyone who would like to improve their own marriage but struggles to know where to start.”

“The training has cemented in me the teaching from the basic training and reinforced in me the feeling that this is absolutely the right thing for me to be doing.

After I had finished the basic training I just had the feeling that for me there was something missing! I felt that I was waiting for something and I believe that the marriage coach training was what I needed.

The course has given me confidence to move forward and a belief in myself that I can do this!

The marriage course will help you understand God’s plan for marriage and help you tune into God’s heart of love for marriages. You will never be the same again.” Linda Briggs

This is where you’ll find details of the Christian Marriage Coach Training

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