Christian Life Coach Mentor Program

This affordable mentor program is designed to help you to GET GOING with building your life coaching practice and help you KEEP GOING when the going gets tough and you’re not sure what to do next!

You will ALWAYS have somewhere to go to get your questions answered, tap into help and get support when you need it.

The main purpose of my practice building mentor program is to support you while you fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, and help you get past obstacles so you can put your training to good use and walk out your calling.

I believe that God called you to train for a purpose. There are people who need your help, whether that’s as a life coach or as someone who works pastorally, or as a counsellor who uses coaching skills to make your work more effective.

I know that the idea of establishing and growing your coaching business, and creating an effective online presence can be daunting. I’d like to help you to do it well, offer a little hand holding now and then, and show you how to do the bits you’re not sure about.  You’ll find all the details here:

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